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BTS: Make it right lyrics

방탄소년단 (Bangtan Boys) BTS – Make It Right Lyrics Genre : Rap / Hip Hop Release Date : 2019-04-12 Language : Korean BTS – Make It Right Hangul 내가 날 눈치챘던 순간 떠나야만 했어 난 찾아내야 했어 All day all night 사막과 바다들을 건너 넓고 넓은 세계를 헤매어 다녔어 Baby I I could make it

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The First Love Lyrics He Is Psychometric OST Part 4

민서 (Minseo) – The First Love Lyrics He Is Psychometric OST Part 4 Genre : OST Release Date : 2019-04-16 Language : Korean Minseo – The First Love Hangul 너의 눈빛이 보여 너의 마음이 들려 아무런 말 하지 않아도 다시 또 멀어지고 너의 눈 볼 수 없게 돼도 내 맘이 기억해 아주 오래 지난 후에

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Self Awareness: Moving on from your past

When we grow up or when we are growing, we start to critize ourselves and everything that we do. When we younger or children we learned from our mistakes and never repeat them.How? When a child put her hand in a fire, she feels the pain and learns that he or she must not repeat that.Also we do not judge the child but care for her when she hurts him or herself.

[He is Psychometric OST Part 2] Fromm (프롬) – With You (사이코메트리 그녀석)

On some days when I look into your eyes Why do I keep seeing through the past And I’m falling down with you Sometimes when I feel you in my arms I can feel your sorrow through your pains And I’ll always be with you Always Come Listen to my voice into the night And

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How to free yourself from self-doubt: The enemy within

We often doubt ourselves and our capabilities. This often happens when we fail at something we love doing or what is expected of us to do. But this is an enemy within us fighting with us. Its often left up to us to decide whether we would continue to doubt ourselves or free ourselves from it.

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