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About Adeks Drill

Warm Greetings! This is Adek, creator & author of Adeks Drill. I have so many names. There is Esi k., Starlyt, Dorcas, Acquah… The list goes on and on but let’s stick to Adek. Which is derived from my full name…. eerm… Where do I start? Let’s talk about some personal facts about me. Well; I love many things such as movies, music, and learning new things. Speaking of new things I’m currently learning how to play the guitar, and speak Korean and French Fluently. Also, I am trying to master the flute. I hosted a show called Tell me about it at PenyGh, an online platform for a year. I am a Secretary during the week, a writer and voice Artist at night and a movie addict in between.

What’s the purpose of this site?

Well, well…..the purpose of this site is to have both educative and entertainment on one platform. However, reviews and previews of Dramas(more K-dramas), Movies, Music and Books will be the basic things to find here.

Another purpose is to share opinions, passion and interest with those who have similar or are curious about these topics. Your ideas and opinions about how you feel about me and the site are welcome.

I love connecting with other Movie lovers, k-drama fans, educationists, learners and everyone so feel free to comment or contact me any time.

I will try to be consistent as possible to beat the lazy me. HAHA.

In relation to the lyric translation, books and music reviews, Please support the artists by purchasing their albums and books. The contents on this site are for educational, fun and personal use.

Check out my Movie and Drama list here.

Copyright © 2018-2022 by Adek’s Drill.

Adek’s Drill has no intention of copyright infringement. All the translations, images and contents which do not belong, are credited to their respective owners. Every work belongs to the respective artist.

All rights reserved. This site or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner without the author’s express written permission. Excerpts may be used provided credit is given to Adeks Drill ( with clear and direct links to the original content.

I hope you enjoy your stay at Adeks Drill! Thanks for visiting. happy reading.

Note: You can contact the email below for any Information.

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