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K-Drama Reviews

Review: Her Private Life

Review: Character Analysis of Doctor John.

Movie Reviews

Crazy Rich Asians Review

Review: A fall from Grace (2020)


Book Reviews

REVIEW: The Monk who sold his Ferrari

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Rating Explanation

1-3.9:        Unwatchable for Series/movies and unreadable Books. Total waste of time

4- 5.5:      Skippable. some parts can be left unread or unwatched with no regret. Good and Bad.

5.6 -6.5:   Average. Liked it but had some problems not tackled.

6.6-7.5:    Has potential. Enjoyed it despite the errors seen.

7.6-8.5:    Good.  Problems or issues were few.

8.6-9.9:   Amazing, Worth watching. loved it

10:             Perfect. Flawless