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Self Awareness: Moving on from your past

From Jay Shetty’s Coaching class

Every individual once in a while needs to be told what he or she already knows or learn something new. The Motivational Speaker Jay shetty organized a five-day coaching class to assist or help people find their path. These were the things he talked about.
Note: You can visit the links and watch them since participating in the exercise would be beneficial and help you. It would all expire on the 30th of April 2019 so take the opportunity while you still can. Also this post represents  the lessons from the class. Paraphrased, quoted etc.

Day 1

Topic: Make peace with your past

What does it mean when you are told to make peace with you Past? A lot comes to mind when that is said but you are to make peace with your past because you do not live there anymore.

“There is no one who has always successful.” Jay defines success as what we get and what others feel about you and happiness as what we give and what you feel about yourself. Its sort of a tree. Let me explain: when you give out or volunteer willingly you realize you feel this joy in your heart and you become happy. you wouldn’t need anyone to tell you how happy you feel and success is what you get in return for the volunteer or what you gave out. This success might not be immediately.

We are often told most of the time to deal with our past but you cannot deal with something until you feel it. you have to feel the past to be able to let go. How? You can feel alone in a place with 600 people right? so why ignore the past as though it does not exist or saying it does not matter when it really mattered. How many times have you dealt with things instead of facing them. there is nothing worth it that comes easy. We all go through difficulties at one time or more in our lives however we are not to let them or the past pull us back. The past can pull us back through places or people.

What could the past be? The past could be the death of someone, what someone has said to us, It could be failing an examination, expectations of our parents, The types of friends we had, and its goes on and on.

Types of Pain In the past

A past that holds you back because you feel guilty about something:

We all at some point feel guilty about something which is normal, however if this something is pulling us back then there is a problem. To get rid of this, Think about what you did wrong and what you would do differently to overcome it,

Above all, the most important thing is that you can make the difference now. Heal yourself with changed behaviour because the best apology and cure for guilt is changed behaviour.

Feeling Ashamed about Something

This shame can be failing at school or a presentation at our workplace. The way to heal shame is to bring it to the light of truth on ourself. We would be judged for it we would rather keep it within. We should note that shame is this ” I may have done something i feel bad about but this does not mean that we are bad “. The best way to regret something is to learn from it.

Being Judgmental

When we grow up or when we are growing, we start to criticize ourselves and everything that we do. When we younger or children we learned from our mistakes and never repeat them.
How? When a child put her hand in a fire, she feels the pain and learns that he or she must not repeat that. Also we do not judge the child but care for her when she hurts him or herself. Why then do we judge ourselves so badly as though the world has come to an end ? We are to learn from our mistakes so we do not repeat them instead of being so judgemental.

Self exercise
write down what you learned from your past.
How can you apply these lesson in your life moving forward.
Write three(3) positive reasons as to why you want to make peace with your past.

Why write it down? This is because. Thinking alone is not enough. puting it down helps you override the old memory just like the computer overrides old files.our brains are like computers. you can override a bad memory with a good one.
To conclude,realize the significance of today and make the present meaningful. Do not think through your life, instead feel it.
Thank You.

Below is the link to the video and the write-up of DAY 2


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