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Who do you think you Are?.. Know oneself.

There are men and women who make up the world. They do this, by being the kind of people they are. How you see the world , the way  you define it, and it’s perfection is a mirror back to you and your purpose and helps you to know oneself.(Jack Canfield)

In my previous articles, I talked about How to love yourself: 10 steps . This is crucial to who you are because it’s the basis to find out who you are and embrace it.  when you love yourself, you know your value. 

So who am I? Asking yourself this questions will get you a lot of answers at first. Answers where you identify yourself with either your religious, nationality or educational affiliations.

Jay Shetty speaks on this  and I love his saying ” I am not who I think I am, I am not who you think I am, I am who I think you think I am “. Deep right.

We tend to identify ourselves with what others say about us instead of finding our real us. The following steps will help you find out your real self.

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What is Entrpreneurship?

  Follow me  Entrepreneurship Introduction  This Course is required to make us self-sufficient.Thus,needing no outside help in satisfying ones basics needs especially with regards to the production of food. The course is also able to help you provide everything you need especially food for yourself without the help of other people . This means that,

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