The beauty are regarded
The ugly are disregarded
The weak are bullied
The strong are worshiped

Society demands our all in all
Families seek our love
Friends request for trust and loyalty
Where do we stand in our court of supremacy?

We hail our motherland
Deceiving ourselves it is siblings land
Cooperating with the weaknesses, disappointment prevails
Rejection invites.

Corrupción becomes the sweetest part
Love is mislead
Fantasies are created
Imagery becomes blur as i close my eyes to embrace the darkness of my mother to enjoy her peaceful company.

written by: Genevieve Afi Chemene

Edited by: Eunice Agbesi

Titled by: Priscilla Enyonam Adomdza.

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1 year ago

I saw a lot of website but I believe this one has something extra in it in it

Duah Richmond
Duah Richmond
1 year ago