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Social Psychology: Definition, Nature and Subject Matter


Definition Social Psychology tries to understand how individuals act and behaves in particular situations. It is the scientific attempt to interpret the causes of individuals thinking processes and behavior in social situations. Baron et el(2006) defines Social Psychology as the “scientific field that seeks to understand the nature and causes of individual behavior and thought in […]

What is Entrpreneurship?


  Follow me  Entrepreneurship Introduction  This Course is required to make us self-sufficient.Thus,needing no outside help in satisfying ones basics needs especially with regards to the production of food. The course is also able to help you provide everything you need especially food for yourself without the help of other people . This means that, […]

Entrepreneurship, the relevance,Types and Traits.


The relevance of entrepreneurship include the following: They add to national income: Entrepreneurs pay taxes, export what they produce and import materials for their work. This increases the GDP.   Wealth Creation and sharing: Investors, leaders and people with money, put their money into business. They do this by giving people the opportunity to work […]