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VIP Korean Drama


VIP is a drama staring Jang Nara as Park Sung Joon. She is a very hardworking wife and dedicated worker who manages deals with VIP customers of a department store. She is married to Na Jung Sun played by Lee Sang Yoon who works on the same team with Her. The couple face an unexpected case, which causes their lives to fall apart.

VIP is basically about how working class employees blend in their work  with their personal life without making one affect the other.

From the first two episodes of the drama which was aired by SBS on the 28th and 29th October respectively, Park Sung Joon comes off as a kind, competent worker and a nice person whose world of a perfect marriage is placed on a shaky ground after receiving a text message from an Unknown person.

Na Jung sun is definitely hiding something form her wife which could be the fact that he is cheating on her with a co-worker on their team.

 The Drill: Thoughts on the first two episode

Two episodes of the drama has been aired and already the suspense is drawing us in for more. Everyone from the VIP team seem to have a secret or a story  to tell. and from the way they behave and relate to each other, there is no doubt that there is more to tell in the upcoming episodes.

Park sung Joon

Now Park sung Joon’s reaction to the text message is commendable. she did not argue yet tried to get to the bottom of it. she went as far as asking her husband why he suddenly locked his phone and the password to it. she also demanded to talk to Manager Cha who was in China.

Indirectly letting her husband know of the text message was a cool way to let him know what was on her mind. She goes as far as tracking her husband who supposedly had to take his drunk Boss home to a Hotel and letting him see her.  What stuck with me was what the taxi driver said to her before she got down to the hotel and i quote ” You’re probably better off not knowing. Once you do, you won’t forget” 

Is Park Sung Joon ready for what is ahead? Would she be better off not knowing or knowing the truth?

Na Jung Sun

Na Jung Sun is the husband of Park Sung Joon. He comes off as cold and unemotional. he seems to be a person with only his interest at hand. Jung Sun always gives his wife flimsy excuses as to why he is not home early. It seems the distance between him and is his wife is something he created on his own in my opinion.

This could be because of what he is keeping as a secret from her. The way he answers and communicate with Park sun Joon makes him unreachable both physically and emotionally.  I hope he has a tangible explanation for that in the upcoming episodes because from the second episode, he appeared to be the best man who could get anything for his now wife.

He looked like one who was in love. Did he fall out of love with Sung Joon or something triggered that? This state is in reference to the proposal he made Sung Joon in the forest. he now looks like a coward full of guilt.

Life Balance

There is no one to like yet in the drama, but we look forward to know the secrets of every character. The Balance mainly is on how the women manage both home and work. Sung Joon as hardworking as she is has to face her in-law who is waiting for a grandchild and sending her herbal medicine to that effect.

Majority of the workers of the VIP department are women. Women are usually expected to be manage the home and still work while being both physically and mentally stable. Everyone is a friend and everyone is an enemy.

Do the couple need a happy ever after or a separation?

Is the husband Na Jung Sun really cheating on his wife and that too with a co-worker?

What will happen to Jang Nara after finding out the truth. How will she confront it?

Watch VIP every monday and Tuesday on SBS or visit Kissasian,


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