Tell me about it (TMAI)

Tell me about it (TMAI)


These are the links to the episodes aired.


What is your love language- Episode 2

What is your personality type- Episode 3

Do you have a sleep schedule- Episode 4

Relax! stress kills- Episode 5

Dealing with social anxiety and pressure- Episode 6

Are you a bilingual or a multilingual- Episode 7

Finding your career- Episode 8

wellbeing and happiness- Episode 9

Social Cognition; How we think about our social world- Episode 10ย 

Embracing Vulnerability- Episode 11

Can you be alone- Episode 12

What is your astrological sign- Episode 13

Educating The Imprisoned; A Path way to freedom- Episode 14

Are you an entrepreneur or self-employed- Episode 15

Benefits of music- Episode 16

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Adek has a Diploma in Communication and is currently majoring in Communication Studies (opt Public Relations) at the Ghana Institute of Journalism. She worked as an advertiser for two years and loves to write and talk. To fulfil what she believes is her purpose, she shares her opinion and what she loves. When not with a book and pen writing, she is glued to the screen watching movies or learning different languages.

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