Review: Her Private Life

Her private life is worth watching although the ending was predictable because it was a romantic Drama, the suspense as to who could be the one who abounded Ryan after his mother denied she did. The untold brother of Deok-Mi and the relationship between Deok-Mi and Eun Gi Being rebuilt after he developed feeling for her is worth watching. I feel about the drama had some pot holes to fill although it was still better left unsaid. I was waiting for Cindy’s reaction when finds out that Deok-Mi is a fan girl. There were so many things pointing she would find out but she never did although she returned the CUPATCH pictures to Deok-Mi. She stayed at her house, slept in her room yet never found out.

Yun Ddan Ddan(윤딴딴) – Speak Out (토로) Why Secretary Kim (김비서가 왜 그럴까) OST Part 7 LYRICS

끝없이 맞닿은 어둠에 내 던져본다 어딘지도 모를 만큼 걷고 또 걸으면 알게 된까 생각의 바다 그한 가운데에 표류하는 기억의조각 눈을 감아 그려 보는 지난 나의 그 날 멀리 불어온 바람 후회로 얼룩진 내 마음속에 살며시 […]