How well do you know your friends?

February 23, 2019 By Adek

It’s amazing how we identify who our friends are. Friends we believe are gifts in our life whether good or bad. There are so many definitions of friends.

A friend is a person attached to another by feelings of affection, personal regard is considered. ( A friend is a person who gives assistance, patron or support to another.


We tell ourselves we have best friends, close friends etc. But why and how do we acknowledge them as either close or best? If we believe we have been hurt by a friend, we claim our hearts have been hurt deeply.

This happens because of the relationship we have with the person.

How We Identify Our Friends

There are so many ways we tend to use in identifying our friends. We jump into conclusion once we realize we share the same values with others. Also when we fall between the same horoscopes thus Libra, Aries, Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Capricorn we can become friends. We also tend to identify our friends when we have certain things in common.

So how do we meet and interact with people?

We meet people in the cars, bus stop, colleges, primary or elementary school, high school, workplaces food joints among others. We then bond and become friends to the extent of sometimes forgetting how we met.

Most of us usually do not investigate deeper on who, what, why and how they are. We also do not take the stress because we do not know the impact they make in our lives.

When our chosen friends get into the mood of sadness, some hardly come by to question them and others do. This reason is simple, we all have different personalities and relate differently to things.

You may feel rejected with an attitude shown by a friend, feel heartbroken, pain, mistrust and end up questioning yourself with 1001 question mark. You may even wonder if there are no other punctuation marks in English.


Most of you may try hard to help them to overcome a sad mood they may be in but their reaction will make you feel unwanted. Now you ask yourself these questions.

Why do you want to meddle in issues when you know you have lots yourself? You may answer yourself “love”. You then ask, but if it is love, why can’t they reciprocate same and let you into their lives. They have reasons. You tell yourself. Okay I am willing to forgive and share the joy and happiness we had so whats the problem?

Questions And Answers you give?

The question I ask is, what are you doing wrong or right? There is no right or wrong answer but different perceptions and understandings to situations. Before you try to know and understand your friend, understand and know yourself first. That is the basis because it would help you know how to relate with not only your friends but everyone you meet and interact with.

Ironically, have you asked yourself why they only share their joy with you? Not because they don’t trust you but joy is easy to let the whole world know than sadness. Now let’s get this straight, friends are not just for joy only. Neither are they for entertainment, traveling etc. Rather they are identified when they are willing to help you go through the hard way and treat you like a part of them. What makes you sad may not be the same thing that would make your friend sad.

Though sadness and arguments are inevitable in friendship, the willingness to correct personal mistakes and let you know you yours for acknowledgement is a trait of friendship.

Friends are those who do not leave your hands in the storm but help you out to live your worth in their life. They are those whom you make decision together with for the future, No one is born with a golden attitudes. We help each other to grow in health, wealth, strength morally, spiritually and physically.

So who are your friends and how much deep do you know them?

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