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Review: Character Analysis of Doctor John.

Spoiler Alert.

There are a lot of Characters in the Drama Doctor John more so, because it is about Doctors and Patients. In this article, The Characters to be discussed few of them. This include;
Cha Yo-Han played by Ji Sung, Lee Se- Young as Kang Shi- Young, Lee Kyu-Hyung as Prosecutor Son seok-Ki, Hwang Hee as Dr. Lee Yoo-Joon , Jung Min-A as Kang Mi-Rae, and Shin Dong-Mi as Chae Eun-Jung.

Ji Sung as Cha Yo-Han

Ji sung is known for his role in Kill Me, Heal Me where he played a son of a wealthy family with seven personalities also known as dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D).

In this drama, he plays Cha Yo-Han (Doctor John) who is a CIPA Patient and a Doctor. thus, he does not feel pain. As a Doctor, he seeks to end the pains of patients. He went to the extreme of ending the life of patient which landed him in prison for three years. In prison he is massively feared by his inmates because of his reaction to pain. sewing up his own wound when he was once cut by a fellow inmate made the fear worse.

As a patient, he hides his illness from everyone and tries his best to withdraw himself from people so that attention would not be given to him. He is rude as a person yet loving towards his patients. He cares for people but does not show it. This behaviour of his is challenged when he meets Kang Shi-Young who does not back out when she sets her mind to do something. Having met new colleagues who are interested in him also compels him to compromise himself and allows him to feel love.

Lee Se- Young as Kang Shi- Young

Lee Se- Young is known for her role in Korean Odyssey (Hwayugi) where she played the role of Boon Soon (BuJa) a rich girl Zombie who came back to life by the blood of Jin Seo-Min(the main Character) and seeks revenge from her Killer. She is also known for her role as Queen Yoo So-Woon in the Drama Crowned Clown.

Here in Doctor John, she plays the role of Kang Shi young who is a second year resident of anaesthesiology. She is calm and willing to learn but she questions her professor who is Yo-Han most of the time on the decision he make concerning the lives of patients. She further breaks the wall Doctor John created around himself to prevent people in his life.

Shi-Young develops feelings for Cha Yo- Han as she works closely with him. This she however tries preventing from ruing their relation as professor and student.

Lee Kyu-Hyung as Son seok-Ki

Seok-Ki is a Prosecutor. He was the prosecutor in charge of Cha-Yo-Han’s case which led him to prison for three years. As a prosecutor, he is obsessive with his work. When Doctor John was released from prison and started to work at the hospital again, he followed up on him there always threatening him because he believed Dr. Cha was a doctor that kill patients instead of cure them.

He however came to the realization that Dr. Cha was not a bad person as he thought. He warmed up to him and they became friends at the end. I even went to the extreme of thinking he was the one Dr. Cha was referring to when he said he missed someone at the dinner with his colleagues.

Hwang Hee as Dr. Lee Yoo-Joon

Yoo-Joon is a fellow who transfered to the hospital wher Dr. cha an Kang Si-Young works. he is  fast witted. His dream is to open a hospital and in order to do that; he needed Dr Cha’s genius attitude to do well. His encounter with Dr. Cha was not a pleasant one but he begun to admire him and was willing to do anything for him.

He was the first among his colleagues to suspect the relationship between Dr. Cha and Shi-Young. He also supported them and was one of Dr. Cha’s Friends. He supported him when he found out he was a CIPA patient and was a friend to him throughout the years he did not contact anyone.

Jung Min-A as Kang Mi-Rae

She is Shi-Young’s younger sister. Her relationship with her deteriorated when their father met with an accident and Shi-young tried to let go of him because his father asked. She is sweet and kind. Her lovely nature draws lee Yoo-Joon towards her.

Shin Dong-Mi as Chae Eun-Jung.

I honestly did not like this character but Shin Dong-Mi did a good job with the character. She was able to get me angry anytime I saw her face. I sometimes skipped yet had to come back so i don’t miss any detail. I understood her anger yet she went overboard by thinking of herself. So who is this Character Chae Eun-Jung?

She is a mother who lost her daughter to ………. who was also the Patient Dr Cha ended his life. Her hatred for Dr Cha is because of this. She went against him alongside the prosecutor when Dr. Cha was released after three years. She later became comfortable around Dr. Cha.

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