“Nanny!” Kinsley says undertone as he sees the person who was saying “I have finally gotten rid of that woman” as she laughed heartily . She continues by saying “I am happy that woman has finally left the house. I know this time round, she will never come back because I played my cards well. At last, I have succeeded with my mission. David no longer cares. Same goes to that Kinsley son of hers who thinks that I loved him all these years. hahaha! My next step is to make David and the property mine.” She continues to laugh as she goes to the fridge to get herself something to sip on at her victory. Turning towards the direction Kinsley had been hiding, Kinsley immediately hides to prevent being seen by her. His jaw drops agape as he mutters with tears dropping from his eyes. So as not to be seen by his beloved nanny, he walks backwards and towards his room. Getting to the room, he picks a framed picture of him and his nanny. Tears formed and dropped on the picture whiles looking at it. In anger, he throws the frame away causing the glass to burst. He then scatters everything in his room; from his bed sheet to the glass on his table. He stops when he sees the only picture he had taken with his mum alone on the floor. Perhaps it might had fallen from the box, he thought and picked it up. He sat in the mess he had created and holds the picture he had picked to his heart as though he did not want to loose it. The memory of his mother dawns on him again. This time round, he remembers the number of times he refused to eat his mother’s food every time she brought it to him. He always chose his nanny’s care over his mother’s whenever he is hurt. He used foul words against his mother and stopped calling her “mum”. Kinsley always blames his mother for everything bad that happened to him and compares her to his nanny, yet his mother never gave up on him. He flashes back to a time where his mum would put him to sleep by singing a lullaby alongside reading or telling him a story. He laughed and enjoyed his mother’s company all the time until one day, he mistakenly pushed his friend, Kay off the stairs causing Kay to break his leg in the process. Since Kay stayed with his grandfather, every household chore was done by him and as a result, Mr. David sent the 7 year old Kinsley to his friends home to takeover his friend’s duties as a form of punishment. Although his wife Cynthia had protested, David did not listen to her. In view of that, Kinsley was directed to the house to take care of the old man’s household throughout the time his friend was recovering.

At night, his nanny would come and visit him without his dad’s knowledge. He always asked of his mum from his nanny but always got the same answer, “Your mum is happy and taking care of everyone but you”. Still hoping for a positive answer, he would sing himself to sleep like his mother did for him. Eventually, he saw his mother at the market square near the place he stayed. He was excited to see his mother. He ran home with the thought of his mummy visiting him. As time went by, his mum did not show up at the house which made him believe everything his nanny told him about his mum. Little did he know that his mum came to check up on him without his notice and also, his mum was living in the big house as though she was living in the house her son was in as well as visiting Kay to know his condition. When Kay’s leg was back to normal, Mr. & Mrs. Mensah went to pick Kinsley up since his term of punishment was over . It was during this time Kinsley began to hate his mum. Now back to his senses, Kingsley begins to wonder who told his dad about his friend’s case since his mother and nanny was the only people aware. He goes to his dad’s room to ask him but upon arrival, he finds his dad in a state he had never seen before. His mum’s pictures were all over the place, those he had seen and had not seen before. It was as though his dad had arranged them from the day they met till now. He decides asking his question and got closer to his dad to comfort him. Before he could say a word, his dad starts talking “You know your mum and I were friends since our childhood. She always told me I would end up marrying your nanny Bridgette considering the fact that I used to be quarrel with her less. Little did we know that we would be together. Your mum always did her best with this marriage. Even when I asked for divorce she would ignore me. This happened while she was pregnant with your siblings who died.” This was news to Kinsley who asked the reason for the divorce this time round to which his dad said that his friend(Bridgette) who happens to be his nanny, told him about Cynthia cheating on him with the manager of the company. Trying to clarify this, he mistakenly accused her. She did not accept nor deny the accusation so he asked her for a divorce thinking it would frighten her to talk. Alberta who had woken up from bed to drink water overheard the last part of the conversation causing her to enter her dad’s room. She looked at both her dad and brother whom to her had wronged her mother the most. She speaks with tears streaming down hers cheeks saying, “You should have verified first”. “Get out of the room young lady”, Mr. David says. Dad! Alberta managed to utter but she was stopped midway. “How dare you speak to me like that? You do not appreciate my kindness and now you are saying that I did not verify anything?” Alberta cuts in and says, “You do not want to listen to my reason, do you?” An unaware slap from her father lands on her cheeks. She breathes in and out heavily. Mr. David continues to talk, “I should have never raised someone else’s children.

shocked about his fathers words, Alberta ask if her

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