In an Awe state, Kinsley sank to his knees in the center of the room “this can’t be happening, she can’t be gone, I thought………….?” his words faded into nothingness ,clearly he thought wrong. His mother, the woman he thought would never leave because of the love she has for her family had moved out taking everything she owned.
From the point of view on the cold floor in the middle of what was their family hall, he looked around and realized that she did not take much. The gifts she cherished, the ones given to her by both him and the family were all left behind.

The red dress she loved, the flat shoe and the earrings were all left behind. He noticed two family portraits taken on her birthday the previous year and the other which was taken after a hard time of getting the family together still there. Getting emotional, he got closer to the portrait only to find a letter neatly folded on the center able. I get the message he says, as he swallowed the lump in his throat. The handwriting was of his mum and he began to wish the letter would contain an explanation of her going on a business trip or a tour like she normally does.
He sat on his feet, terribly trembling. But when a sudden blow of the mind gets to a person, comfort isn’t the first consideration. Now with pain shooting through his thigh, he shifted his legs out in front of him. With trembling hands and no other option left, he puts the paper on a thigh. Hesitant to read the words he could guess were in there, he adjusts the letter several times.
He had returned from work when he decided to visit his parents and celebrate with them his promotion to the manager of the company he works with after helping with an event organization which could have turned bad if he had not intervened. Tonight was the night he was going to share with his family the good news since he stays alone due to his work until he got a call from his nanny informing him of his mum leaving the house and thanking her for her services all the years. Shocked he had left his work clothes on the center table of his hall and run to his car to drive to his parents’ house which was not far from his place. He glanced at the brick house where his parents lived in.
He then masters the courage, and opens the letter which reads. “You will all probably hate me. I am sorry kids but I just couldn’t stay. You all know I promised my mother that my marriage will end the day I will die. For this reason I decided to leave before I broke my promise and became divorced. You will always have a place in my heart. Signed Cynthia Mensah “. He could no longer control himself and burst into tears with his dad who had arrived not long ago consoling him. Kinsley notices his dad and began to hit him several times accusing him for being the reason why his mum left. His Dad tries to talk to him but to no avail. He then drops to his feet to console his son who was on the floor only to find a paper neatly folded under the fridge. He stretches his hand to pick it up since it was rare for a paper to be under the fridge. He opens the paper and realizes it was a letter from his wife which reads “my Children, This letter is addressed to you since i know it letter would be found by you. I do not want you to blame yourself for anything. I want you to be always happy and remember me as a strong woman not a sick one. Did you think I wouldn’t have known the reason to your sudden change of attitude? Just be happy and do not skip your meals, I would always remember you in my prayers. Love CAM”
Kinsley’s dad asks Kinsley if he understood the content of the letter, to which Kinsley said no. At that very moment when they were contemplating, a knock is heard and Kinsley tries to attend to the knock but couldn’t since he was socked in tears and was sitting on the floor with his legs facing him. When no one attends to the knock , the two people standing in front of the gate try to open the door with a key they have but they realized it was already opened so they walked in and entering the hall they both authored the word ”surprise…… “but they stop midway when saying the word surprise looking at the condition they see both Kinsley and his dad in. with Kinsley leaning on the bricks of the house and their dad holdings him up close to prevent him from falling. what’s up bro, did your girlfriend leave you for another? hahaha, the guy who entered with a lady addresses Kinsley. which Kinsley simply replies him with tears in his eyes Mum has left home Albert, she has left us and she does not want us to look for her……………. If I only knew I wouldn’t have been such a bad son “he continues to sob. Ridiculous, king so mum leaves for a trip and you are here crying as if she were dead. Kinsley asks him to take a good look at her room to verify for himself if everything was okay. Seeing the seriousness in Kinsley’s eyes and body posture, he run to the master bedroom and opens the closet and Cynthia’s drawer only to find out that everything she owned was gone except the things she cherished . He runs back to the hall to question Kinsley and his dad about the sudden disappearance of his mother but immediately he arrives at the hall, he sees the lady he came in with who happens to his twin sister falling to the ground. He runs to her side and catches her in time to prevent her from falling to the ground. Alberta they all shout out…………………………………………………..


#Esi Acquah

Adek has a Diploma in Communication and is currently majoring in Communication Studies (opt Public Relations) at the Ghana Institute of Journalism. She worked as an advertiser for two years and loves to write and talk. To fulfil what she believes is her purpose, she shares her opinion and what she loves. When not with a book and pen writing, she is glued to the screen watching movies or learning different languages.

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Let wait and see how it unfolds


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