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In an Awe state, Kinsley sank to his knees in the center of the room” this can’t be happening, she can’t be gone, I thought………….? “ his words faded into nothingness ,clearly he thought wrong. His mother, the woman he thought would never leave because of the love she has for her family had moved out taking everything she owned.
From the point of view on the cold floor in the middle of what was their family hall, he looked around and realized that she did not take much. The gifts she cherished, the once given to her by both him and the family were all left behind. The red dress she loved, the flat shoe and the earrings were all left behind. He noticed two family portraits taken on her birthday the previous year and the other which was taken after a hard time of getting the family together still there. Getting emotional, he got closer to the portrait only to find a letter neatly folded on the center able. I get the message he says, as he swallowed the lump in his throat. The Handwriting was of his mum and He began to wish the letter would contain an explanation of her going on a business trip or a tour like she normally does.

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